Hello, and welcome to the latest issue of [community profile] snapenews. Thank you all for your continuing support and useful links! Feel free to comment (either below or at snapenews@gmail.com) and let us know how we're doing!


  • After many years, tauri.org (the OWL) will be closing for good. For more information, click here.


  • Prompting for the Snape_Draco 2012 Fest starts April 18th. For more info, click here
  • the deadline for Snarry-a-Thon12 is coming soon. For more info, click here


  • This week's challenge on snape100 is Snape is Harry's Father!"
  • This week's challenge on snarry100 is Easter egg.
  • This week's challenge on snupin100 is anxious.
  • This week's challenge on quiz_sshg is You Need Help! (a Severus and/or Hermione in therapy quiz)


  • iulia_linnea asks What job would you offer Snape during career counseling?


  • The SS/HP Prophet has been updated for March 24 to 31 and April 1 to 7
  • The SSHG Weekly Update has been posted for Saturday, April 7



  • KatjaFin drew "Happy Easter" (Egg!Snape. G.)
  • Teresea drew "Ickle Snape" (Severus. G.)
  • Steelpengu drew "Severus Snape" (Snape. G. A very interesting portrait!)
  • childprodigy7 drew "Potions' Class (Severus, Lily, Slughorn. G.)


  • someoldcat drew "Stud Service" (Snape/Black/Lupin. NC-17)
  • vimessy drew "Happy Spring and Happy Easter" (Lucius, Snape, Sirius. G.)



  • iulia_linnea wrote "In Capable Hands" (Snape/Daphne. PG.)
  • iulia_linnea wrote "In Want of Company" (Snape/Millicent. PG-13)

    DISCLAIMERS: The warnings listed here are those given by the artist/author/poet. Please pay attention to all ratings and warnings when following links.

    We aim to bring you the latest Snape-centric items in the fandom but some might slip through the net! You can help to ensure this doesn't happen by sending us links via email to snapenews@gmail.com. There are submission guidelines in the [community profile] snapenews user profile, but for the 'Today in' sections we just require the basic title/creator/rating/warnings/link info.
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