As you've no doubt noticed, snapenews hasn't been an active newsletter for some months now. If somebody would like to take over active posting - even if you only plan on posting new editions every week or so - email me (bethbethbeth [at] gmail) and we'll talk. If nobody's willing or able to take over the editorial responsibilities, I'll leave the community intact, and I will - to the best of my abilities - keep this final post as up-to-date as possible with Snape-centric links.

With that in mind, if you know of a community or an archive or a Master List or anything at all with significant [preferably current] Severus Snape content and which hasn't been listed below, leave a URL and a brief note explaining what it is in the comment section, and I'll add it to the list.

Regardless of whether the newsletter continues, it's had a good run - and on behalf of all the former snapenews editorial staff, I'd like to thank you all for your support over the years.


* deviantART (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Snapefanclub (on deviantART)
* Spinners--End (on deviantART)
* SnapesDungeon (on deviantART)
* Google Image Search - Severus Snape
* tumblr (tagged "Severus Snape")


* grangersnape100 (Snape/Hermione drabbles)
* snape100 (Snape-centric drabble community - Het, Slash, Gen)
* snarry100 (Snape/Harry drabbles)
* snupin100 (Snape/Lupin drabbles)


* Archive of our Own - AO3 (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Ashwinder (Snape/Hermione archive at Sycophant Hex)
* Fanfiction.Net (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Occlumency (a Severus Snape focused fic archive at Sycophant Hex, including all pairings but Snape/Hermione (see "Ashwinder")
* The Petulant Poetess (Snape/Everybody Fic Archive - especially Snape/Hermione)

Links Pages

* Snape/Lily, Humor, and General


* Delicious - General (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Severus Snape - Harry Potter Wiki
* Pinterest - General (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Severus Snape - Wikipedia Entry


* Bottom Snape (Het and Slash)
* HP Beholder (tagged "Severus Snape")
* hoggywartyxmas (Hogwarts Staff and Friends Fest (Master List 2010 and Master List 2011)
* kinda_lush (Fic, Art & Meta focusing on the young Severus Snape)
* severusbigbang (Snape-centric Fic, Art, and Crafts)
* Snape After DH (Snape-centric post-canon Fic and Art more)
* Snapecase (Art and Fic Fest celebrating Snape at various ages)
* Snape Rarepairs (Slash and Het)


* hgss_digest (Snape/Hermione fic and art links)
* The SSHP Prophet (all things about Snape and Harry)
* SSHG Weekly Updates (all things about Snape and Hermione)


* 12am_nosh (snape/Black)
* Close Contrast (Snape/McGonagall, Het and Gen)
* hagrid_snape (Snape/Hagrid Fic and Art on LJ)
* Love Draughts (Everything Snape/Hermione)
* lupin_snape (Snape/Remus)
* severus_lucius (Snape/Lucius)
* snape_potter (Snape/Harry)
* Snarry Games (Snape/Harry Art and Fic Fest)
* Snarry Holidays (Snape/Harry-centric Fic and Art Holiday Fest)
* Snuna Exchange (Snape/Luna Fic Exchange)
* SSHG Exchange (Snape/Hermione Fest - complete Master List, 2006 to present)
* Drapery_Snarco (Snape & Harry & Draco Fic and Art Community)
* HDS Beltane (Snape & Harry & Draco fic and Art Fest)


* Beth H's HP Slash Recs on Dreamwidth (85% Snape-centric)
* Beth H's HP Het Recs on Dreamwidth (85% Snape-centric)
* Beth H's HP Gen Recs on Dreamwidth (85% Snape-centric)
* Crack Broom (44 different Snape-centric Fic and Art pairing tags)
* Snarry Recs (Snape/Harry fic recs)


* Potter Puppet Pals (with much adorable Snape content)
* Vimeo (tagged "Severus Snape")
* Youtube (tagged "Severus Snape")
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