Hello, and welcome to the latest (really late omg) issue of [community profile] snapenews. Thank you all for your continuing support and useful links! Feel free to comment (either below or at snapenews@gmail.com) and let us know how we're doing!


  • As always, visit the lupin_snape community, for the latest in Severus/Remus fic and art.
  • The Master List and Reveal for the latest edition of Snapecase can be found here.


  • Call for Prompts now open here for Snarry-a-Thon 2012!
  • This week's challenge on snape100 is Happy Valentine's Day.
  • This week's challenge on snarry100 is Hearts and Flowers
  • This week's challenge on snupin100 is Hidden in Plain Sight.


  • ____swank is looking for a Snape/Hermione story in which Snape (possibly on the run?) joins forces with Hermione to solve a mystery involving a Dark Wizard (who just might be Harry!). For more description, click here


  • The SSHP Prophet has been updated for February 5 to 11.
  • The SSHG Weekly Update has been posted for Saturday, February 11
  • The hgss_digest has been updated here, here, here - and here with the Sunday art recs (although you'll need to be a member of the community to see this post).



  • akatnamedeaster drew "Now Be a Good Girl and Show Us Your Quim, Snivellus, or Else." (Severus. NWS. Humiliation.)


  • rhollor has created 20 Severus Snape icons

    DISCLAIMERS: The warnings listed here are those given by the artist/author/poet. Please pay attention to all ratings and warnings when following links.

    We aim to bring you the latest Snape-centric items in the fandom but some might slip through the net! You can help to ensure this doesn't happen by sending us links via email to snapenews@gmail.com. There are submission guidelines in the [community profile] snapenews user profile, but for the 'Today in' sections we just require the basic title/creator/rating/warnings/link info.
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