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Name:Snape News
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Welcome to [community profile] snapenews - The Severus Snape Newsletter

Membership is closed to all except the editorial staff. To watch the newsletter and see it on your friends page, just subscribe to the community.

This is a fandom newsletter for anything and everything to do with Severus Snape from JKR's Harry Potter series. It provides links to gen, het, and slash fanfiction, fanart, and poetry featuring the man himself as well as anything else that the editors think may be of interest to Snape fans. Discussions, rants, and meta about Snape are also covered.

The watcher journal for this newsletter is [profile] snape_reporter. If you would like you or your community to be added to our watch list, please email If you are friended by [profile] snape_reporter, please do not add it back.

There are mirror communities set up on three journaling sites. The links are as follows:

Snapenews on LJ
Snapenews on IJ
Snapenews on DW

This is not a recs list. There aren't enough hours in the day to read every single Snape story or analyze every Snape-centric essay. so pay attention to warnings and read at your own risk. ;-P

Community Information

1. Staff

Original Chief Editor: [profile] niuserre

Former Editors

[profile] mugglegirl0908; [profile] moonanddogstar;[personal profile] wonderfulwrites; [personal profile] severity_softly; [personal profile] rm;[personal profile] bewarethesmirk; [profile] lesyeuxverts00 / [personal profile] chiralove; [personal profile] cardigrl

Current Editor (since August 2006)

[personal profile] bethbethbeth

2. If you have any news/fics/art/whatever that you'd like to share with [community profile] snapenews, just email! As long as it's Snape-centric and follows the Submission Guidelines, we'll include it!

Submission Guidelines

Locked posts: We will not link to any friends locked posts. If you wish for your post to be included in the report, you must unlock it for at least seven days. Occasionally, posts may become locked after they are linked. This cannot be helped, but a simple comment letting us know will suffice and the link will be removed. We will always respect the wishes of someone to have a link (to their journal and/or a post by them) removed.

Communities: We will announce new communities one time, regardless of whether they have open, moderated, or closed membership. After that, please go to [community profile] community_promo, [profile] hp_promo, or [profile] hp_promotions to advertise your community. A "new" community is considered one that is less than one month old and has never been included in [community profile] snapenews. All new communities announced should be Snape-centric in some way.

Challenges: We will link to challenge sign up and prompt claiming posts, and will - occasionally - link to reminders of challenge due dates. We will try to only announce Snape-centric challenges, though the occasional general HP fest may be linked to if the editors feel enough Snape fic and art will result from the fest.

Pairings: [community profile] snapenews will only cover a very limited amount of Snape/Harry, Snape/Lupin, and Snape/Hermione content as these pairings have active newsletters of their own.

Discussion, Meta, and Rants: We will link to any discussions, questions, meta posts, and rants that are specifically about Severus Snape (or any pairings involving him). We will need the most help from our watchers with this area, as it would be nearly impossible to catch everything.

Note about rants: As long as the rant is directed at something fictional (i.e. a particular fanfiction cliché or a fandom/canon issue) we will link to it. If it is a rant directed at a particular person and/or their work, we will not.

Recently Recommended: We will link to fics and art of any genre and/or pairing in this section that has been recommended at least three times on LiveJournal. When sending us information about a fic or art to be recommended, please include all important information about the fic or art (title, author/artist, pairing, rating, and warnings) as well as the three links to where it has been recommended. WIPs may be recommended more than once if at least five chapters have been posted since the last time it was included.

Fic Searches: We will only link to fic/thematic searches when they're for a rare pairing and/or for a specific theme. For example, we will not link to general requests for Snape/Hermione fics or post-HBP fics, but we will link to requests for Snape/Hermione fics that have religion as a theme, or a request for a specific Snape rare pair (i.e. Snape/Hooch).

Rec Posts: All rec posts must have at least five recommendations in them, and the recs must be for a Snape rare pair or a themed list. For example, a list of someone's favourite Snape/Harry fics would not be linked to, but recs of Snape/Harry A/U fics set in a non-magical world would be.

RPGs: Generally speaking, [community profile] snapenews will not link to RP Communities or requests for players, unless a new Snape-player is being sought. Please send those to [profile] hprpsearch, [community profile] daily_snitch, [profile] hp_promo, [profile] hp_promotions, or [profile] hogwarts_today.

Icons and Graphics: We will link to any batch of icons and/or graphics that are just about Snape and/or pairings with Snape. There should be a minimum of 10 Snape icons and/or 5 wallpapers, headers, banners, etc. in order for the post to be linked (though this number is somewhat flexible).

Disclaimer: The editors at [community profile] snapenews reserve the right to reject any submission, if we feel that the poster is trying to circumvent our rules or if the post is detrimental to [community profile] snapenews and fandom in general.

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